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Game Questions

Rather than a discussion of issues, this is intended to be a place to ask questions. Of course the answers may lead to some insight into rewriting the manual for clarity or even changing some rule.
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by Ming the Merciless

Players Individual Strategy Forum

Any player is invited to start a topic in this forum. This one exists discusing strategy and tactics.
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by Ming the Merciless

Pre Alpha Playtest Game

This is for discussions of the comming Alpha tes games.
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by Ming the Merciless

Rulers and Viceroys

This topice is to help Rulers find Viceroys and vice versa!
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by Ming the Merciless

Rules Changes

Suggestion for changes to game rules or Central Command Features shoud be posted here.
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by sfatula

War Stories

Tell the world about your most interesting battles.
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by able spacer charlie