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Empyrean Challenge Presents

Cluster Wars

Cluster Wars is a game of Interstellar exploration, colonization and conquest with project management and planning skills becoming ever more valuable as the game progresses. As other Players are encountered, Diplomacy becomes an additional requirement.

In this roughly bimonthly computer-generated turn driven game, you are given control of a habitable world, along with its various population and all of its manufacturing, and research facilities. As a sole planetary ruler, you will write its orders/instructions electronically and they will be fully carried out as other rulers in various corners of the cluster are doing the same.

As supreme ruler, you will lead your home world, along with the population and production that you control, through a period of accelerating economic and industrial development and expansion. This era of growth and technological advances will quickly fuel the need for interstellar exploration and colonization. Voyaging into deeper space, establishing your mining bases and projecting a military presence, you will continue to expand into the neighboring star systems where you eventually will encounter other space faring civilizations. Ultimately it is in this interstellar arena that you and the other emerging alien empires will struggle for economic control and military supremacy. Strategy, Military tactics, Machiavellian alliances (or perhaps just plain brute force),will eventually yield a sole dominant power.

Join The Game?

We are currently running 1 play test game. More games will be started as we progress thru the project. All test games are free. If you would like to added to the waiting list for these games you will need to register for a Cluster Wars player account. Second you might also wish to check out the Empyrean Challenge Forums. Empyrean Challenge Forums.

At this point we are calling the test a pre alpha test. By that we mean that we are using this test to try out and augment the basic game structure. When all of the major game systems are included we will precede to what we are going to call alpha test games. Both alpha and pre alpha tests are about testing the program and any major playability issues. We intend to run each game to completion even if we move on to test the next phase before they are over. After the programs appear to be complete we will start some beta test games. When we open more test games we will invite players from the waiting list. In the mean time we will add you to the waiting list group in the forum.


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